Помогите решить задание очень надо/1 Образец:dont Mary, cheese, like, butter.-Martin doesnt like butter.1 likes, Mary, cheese.———————2 corn

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Помогите решить задание очень надо/

1 Образец:dont Mary,cheese,like,butter.-Martin doesnt like butter.

1  likes,Mary,cheese.———————

2 corn,likes,and,bread,Nick.—————

3 lemons,jane,eat,cant.——————-

4 and,likes,red,apples,green,Pam.————

5 in,eats,meat,morning,jack,and,ham,the.—————

  • mary likes cheese
    nick likes bread and corn
    jane cant eat lemons
    pam likes green and red apples
    jack eats ham and meat in the morning

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